Fall leaves

OCTOBER! It’s Fall in beautiful East Tennessee! Autumn, if you prefer, brings a welcome change from the hottest summer on record. And with the cooling temperatures and changing of the leaves comes some new concerns for our pets. Now is the time when many people start to winterize. If you are adding or changing coolant in your vehicle be extra careful to avoid spills or leaks as antifreeze is highly toxic to dogs and cats. It’s reportedly sweet taste is appealing to them. Signs of ingestion include a drunken appearance within hours, rapidly progressing to kidney failure. So take extra precautions to avoid exposing your pet to it.

And with Fall comes Halloween, and with Halloween comes candy! When the little Trick-or-Treaters come home with all the goodies make sure your furry friends don’t get any. Chocolate is toxic to them! So avoid the temptation to share it and stash the treats where your pet can’t get to them.

This time of year also brings on seasonal allergies for many pets. Here are a few tips for relief.

  • Wipe feet and tummy with baby wipes when coming in from the grass and leaves
  • Use non-soap/oatmeal based shampoo
  • Avoid very warm water as this can make itching worse so use tepid water for bathing
  • Some pets can get relief from Antihistamines
  • Some really itchy pets will get relief by spritzing cool water on the skin

With Thanksgiving just around the corner we would also like to remind you to not share the dinner with your pets. We typically see lots of stomach upsets in pets who eat things they shouldn’t. More serious cases can include pancreatitis from eating turkey skin, ham trimmings, and other fatty foods. So resist the temptation when those big brown eyes look at you pleadingly!

We hope you and your pets enjoy this beautiful season! And be safe.

Thanks Dr. Hall for this wonderful blog!



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