Cat Communication 101 part 2


What is my cat really trying to tell me?

Tails Tell the Tale (Part Two)

Cats may only have a limited number of vocal communications, but they have numerous forms of physical communication.  Cats have VERY expressive facial signals and tail cues to try to communicate their feelings and emotions.  If we take the time to learn some of these signals and cues it will help us better understand our feline friends. 


 The Ears Have It

Cats are able to communicate a great deal with just their ear position.  Their ears have over 20 muscles to help with the subtle changes that can tell us a lot!

Cat's Ears

  • Ears forward – I’m paying close attention and on alert
  • Ears to the side – I’m at ease and relaxed
  • Ears flat – I’m ready for a confrontation (aggressive or defensive)
  • Ears twitching – I’m nervous or agitated








Cat's Tail 

 Tail Tales

Cats use their tails to communicate to us and to other cats.  Learning to interpret tail positions and movements can help us better understand and anticipate our cat’s needs.

  •  Tail straight up – I’m happy to see you
  •  Tail straight up and quivering – I’m VERY happy to see you
  •  Tail straight up with hair puffed – I’m trying to look bigger (fearful defensive posture)
  •  Tail straight back – I’m ready to fight (aggressive and/or defensive posture)
  •  Tail tucked – I’m very scared


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