Flying with your Pets


Never sedate an animal who will be in the cargo hold.

Inspect your carrier or crate before you go to the airport-check the security of all zippers,seams,locks,screws, and combinations.

Do not remove an unleashed pet in an open area. If security asks you to take your pet out of the carrier to be screened, ask to be put into a secure room or reach into the carrier and attach your leash.(Be sure your pet cannot “back” or slip out of it’s collar before you leave home.)

If your pet is flying as checked baggage or cargo, USE ZIP TIES to latch the door shut. Make sure the top and bottom of the carrier are held together with metal screws and reinforce with additional zip ties. Do not assume the baggage handlers are animal lovers and will handle the crate with care.

 Post your Pet’s picture and flight number(s) and your name and cell phone number boldy on all sides of the crate, with instructions to contact you immediately for the handling of your pet. Keep your cell phone ON whenever you are permitted to do so.

 Ask a flight attendant to notify the pilot that there is a pet in the cargo hold. The pilot controls the heating and cooling of the hold.

Thanks Dr. Hackett for the blog!

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