Giving Pets as Christmas Gifts

Pets as Presents

Many people consider pets’ great holiday gifts. But in spite of their popularity as presents, pets do not always make the most appropriate holiday gift.

Here are some reasons why the holidays are not a good time for new pets.

*Holiday visitors may frighten the new pet and he or she may become weary of strangers at the outset.

*The activites in the household may pose safety hazards for the young animal. An abundance of rich foods and various decorations could be ingested, potentially causing illness.

*New pets should be carefully supervised around children to see how they behave. A child may not be accustomed to handling a puppy or kitten and could injure the animal. Similarly, the pet may be skittish and lash out at the child. Adults busy with holiday obligations may be easily distracted and miss how their child is interacting with the new pet.

*Once the glow of the holiday wears off, children may be disillusioned with the new responsibility that has fallen into their hands. They may not like the responsibility that has fallen into their hands. They may not like the responsibility that comes with being a good pet owner.

Reputable pet breeders and animal shelters often discourage individuals from adopting or purchasing pets as holiday gifts. Many organizations and animal businesses require a careful vetting of potential pet parents to ensure the animal wll be placed with a family and in a home that is suitable.

Animal welfare groups warn that an estimated 50 percent of pets adopted during the holidays end up right back at the shelters. This can scar the pet. Avoid the temptation of giving a companion animal as a present. If it is your intention to gift an animal, talk to the gift recipient and discuss the pros and cons beforehand.

This blog is an excerpt from an article written by the Greenville-Greene County Humane Society


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