“Fix By Six” at Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital

Fix By SixOverpopulation of stray cats and dogs is becoming an ever increasing problem not only in East Tennessee, but all over the United States. Local shelters and low-cost spay and neuter programs do their best to alter (spay/neuter) as many animals as they can but the massive number of homeless animals make this a daunting task. The staff here at Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital would like to help in this fight against overpopulation. We would like to introduce a new program that we will be instituting called “Fix By Six”! This program is designed to encourage the spaying and neutering of animals before 6 months of age which is around the time puberty sets in.

Top 5 Reasons to “Fix by Six”

1.  Female cats and dogs that are not spayed have a much higher risk of uterine infections and mammary cancer.  These are potentially fatal diseases.  You can drastically decrease the likelihood of these life-threatening diseases by spaying BEFORE the first heat cycle.

2.  Male pets are much less likely to develop testicular cancer if neutered early.

3.  Spaying and neutering early can help control behavioral issues like urine marking, escaping (to roam for a mate), and some types of aggression.

4.  Spaying helps prevent unwelcome male guests from coming to your home.  Female pets urine mark when in heat drawing any available male to your home.  Cats also excessively cry and meow calling a mate.  This can go on for days!  

5.  Helps combat pet overpopulation by keeping your pet from “accidentally” becoming pregnant or getting another animal pregnant.

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