Kitten Kindergarten

Kitten Kindergarten

 A feline mind is a terrible thing to waste

 Did you know that kittens have a much earlier and shorter socialization period than puppies?  Is it possible for cats to be trained?  Do all cats hate going in the car or being examined by their veterinarian?  Did you know that veterinary behaviorists strongly suggest puppies and kittens attend a socialization class?

Many people don’t realize how intelligent cats are and that they can be trained and socialized in a class setting too. Kittens that are socialized to new and different people and experiences early in life are less likely to be stressed easily as adult cats.  They are also less likely to develop behavior problems.  When done correctly, most kittens can even be clicker trained to perform some commands!

Even though cats now outnumber dogs they are seen much less frequently by their veterinarians.  Cats are often thought of as independent and self-sufficient so most people don’t realize they need yearly physical exams (if not twice yearly) as well as vaccinations.  Many cats strongly dislike being taken to see their veterinarian so they often only get exams every few years (or not until they are very ill). 

Kitten Kindergarten classes are a wonderful opportunity for kittens to be socialized to other kittens, people and new experiences.  During kitten kindergarten, kittens will be introduced to many different people, activities, and learning opportunities.  Kitten “parents” will also have the opportunity to learn about socialization, training, nutrition, behavior and health.  Kittens will learn that being in carriers and visiting veterinary offices don’t have to be stressful events.

Our clinic is now offering kitten kindergarten classes conducted by Dr. Jennifer and her husband Carl! 

Classes are open to kittens 8-15 weeks old that have been examined by a veterinarian, FIV and leukemia tested negative, and are current on vaccinations and deworming.  Adult cat “parents” are also welcome to attend classes without their cat.

Kitten Kindergarten


Kitten Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Carrier Training
  • Basic Handling and Socialization
  • Grooming (Brushing and Nail Trimming)
  • Nutrition
  • Behavior and Litter Box Solutions
  • Training Techniques
  • Basic Health 101
  • And more…


If you are interested in attending classes, please contact our clinic at (865) 691-8387

Thank you Dr. Jennifer for this wonderful opportunity and blog!

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