Our Terrific Staff

Bryan Mays – Practice Manager

Bryan has been with PVH since March of 2017. His wife, Dr. Ashley Mays, also works at the clinic! Bryan is working alongside Valerie Carrol as Practice Managers. Bryan and Dr. Mays have 2 sons, Ryder and Ramsey, and they share their home with 2 dogs, Rogue and Hype. Bryan enjoys traveling with his family and watching sports.








Teri Hesselbach – Veterinary Technical Assistant

In 1999, Teri started with Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital in animal caretaking. She chose this position because of her compassion for animals. Teri is a valued assistant to the doctors and is an integral part of the workings of the entire clinic. Oftentimes, she is the calm in the storm. Actually, Storm is the chocolate Lab that she and her husband Carl, inherited. With her other dog and two cats, all of whom are geriatric, Teri has added insight into the problems other pet owners have with their aging pets.






Heather Wojtowicz – Receptionist

Heather has been a Receptionist at PVH since August 2014. She has 2 Corgis, Dixie and Bandit, and 2 Cats, Bella and Zoey. In her downtime, Heather likes to read, spend time with her friends, and travel.








Cynthia Hobday – Professional Dog Groomer

Cynthia has been a groomer at PVH since 2003. She has several degrees including Professional Dog Grooming in/from Chicago, a BS in Landscaping Horticulture from CSU and AAA Ski Resort Management from Wenatchee Valley College in Washington. Cynthia and her fiance, Jeff, share their home with 3 dachshunds and a beagle.







Nichole Fiore – Veterinary Assistant

Nichole has been with PVH since August of 2009. She started her career as an Animal Caretaker and is now a Vet Assistant. When she isn’t caring for the animals at the clinic, she has her own animals to tend to; Cleopatra, Shadowmir, Luna, and Artemis. Nichole is currently attending Lincoln Memorial University.







Kassie Brackett – Veterinary Assistant

Kassie has been with the PVH team since August of 2014. She has a son named Evan, and they share their home with two dogs, Pattie and Princess, 2 cats, Molly and Little Kitten Pants, and a Guinea Pig names Cruise. In her spare time Kassie enjoys hiking, rock climbing, reading, and hanging out with friends and family!







Kristin McNutt – Receptionist

Kristin has been with the PVH family since May of 2017. She enjoys taking her kids to the park, traveling, and experiencing new things. She shares her home with her Husband, Corey, their son and 4 step children, and a Pomeranian named Jinx!








Belva Buntain – Professional Groomer

Belva began grooming in 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to TN in 2016. She joined the PVH family in March of 2017. She enjoys nature with a hike, especially when there is something rewarding at the end such as a waterfall. She also loves to travel and find sites with lighthouses. Belva absolutely loves anything to do with water including going to the beach, cliff diving, tubing, and just relaxing in a boat on the water. She also enjoys anything to do with friends and family as well! She shares her home with Electra, a 10yr old Pit, and Snookmus, an 8yr old short haired Chihuahua.





Ceceilia Brown – Receptionist

This is Ceceilia Brown, she has been with PVH since February 2019. Her dream is to be able to pursue her passions and become a Veterinary Technician and own her own rescue one day. She shares her home with her boyfriend, Eric, and her son, Alex. In her spare time she spoils her dog and two cats, Brutus, Twighlight, and Reesie.