Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital

1727 Schaeffer Rd
Knoxville, TN 37932



About Us


Our Hospital

At Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital our doctors are non-competitive and work well together. They regularly consult each other on cases in order to make the best decisions for the client and patient.

The doctors are considerate and treat the staff as equals and an important part of the team. They are mentors to the staff and especially to the temporary employees (high school and college students) who are considering careers in veterinary medicine.

Many of our employees are long term – some as long as 20 years! That helps us work as a successful team when treating pets. (Most veterinary facilities do not have as many long term employees)

Our PVH Pets



Bob is a black and white, Hemmingway (multi-toed) Manx cat (no tail). He has been a member of the PVH family since he was a small kitten. He usually spends his time downstairs sleeping on his futon in his apartment, but he also enjoys spending time with his roommate, Doug, our other clinic cat. Bob is shy of strangers but good company for our work family.