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Advanced Pain Management Modalities

Nutrition, Weight Management and Exercise- Regular exercise protocols and appropriate nutrition keep our pets at the optimum body condition. Slim pets have less stress on their overall joint health and therefore, less pain. 

Supplements- It is important to remember that dietary supplements are meant to prevent disease within the joints. These work best if given prior to clinical signs arthritis but are often continued to prevent further breakdown of the diseased joints. 

Oral Medications- Multiple classes of oral medications are used to treat the pain once arthritis has been established. These can be used alone but are often used with other medications and modalities to get the best outcomes. 

Injectable Medications- Severe pain is often treated with injections during your appointment to jump start the recovery process. We also have long term arthritis management injections that can be used alone for difficult to medicate patients or in combination with almost any other treatment modality to improve comfort. 

Acupuncture- An ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is often used to effectively treat pain. Acupuncture is based on the neurologic system and is especially helpful for patients with arthritis, disc disease and weaknesses of the limbs, bowels and bladder. 

Shock Wave Therapy- High energy sound waves are delivered through the tissues to help promote cartilage repair, increase blood flow and bone healing. Shock Wave therapy works great for patients with orthopedic conditions such as broken bones, post-operative bone healing, arthritis and tendon/ligament injuries. It has also been used successfully to treat chronic wounds and lick granulomas. Most conditions require 2-3 treatments per year for maximum effect.